10 best software engineering
  1. IntelliJ IDEA: This Java IDE by JetBrains offers advanced code navigation and refactoring, along with support for frameworks like Spring and Hibernate. Price: $149/year for the Ultimate edition, $89/year for the Community edition.
  2. Eclipse: This open-source Java IDE offers a wide range of tools for development and testing, as well as support for plugins and extensions. Price: Free
  3. NetBeans: This open-source Java IDE offers a simple and intuitive interface, along with support for web development and version control. Price: Free
  4. JUnit: This open-source testing framework for Java allows developers to write and run repeatable tests for their code. Price: Free
  5. Apache Maven: This open-source build automation tool for Java allows developers to manage dependencies, build, and test their projects. Price: Free
  6. SonarQube: This open-source platform for continuous code quality analysis offers a range of features for code review, testing, and performance optimization. Price: Free, with additional features available in the Enterprise edition for $22,000/year
  7. Git: This open-source version control system is widely used by Java developers to manage their codebase and collaborate on projects. Price: Free
  8. Jenkins: This open-source automation server offers a wide range of tools for continuous integration and continuous delivery of Java projects. Price: Free
  9. Spring Framework: This open-source framework for Java offers a range of tools for developing web and enterprise applications, including support for dependency injection and data access. Price: Free
  10. JIRA: This issue tracking and project management tool is widely used by Java development teams to plan, track, and release their projects. Price: starting at $10/month/user.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and that there are many other Java development tools available, each with their own unique features and pricing models. It is also worth noting that some of the above tools may offer additional features or pricing options.

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